Defining a New Delivery Model for Breast Imaging Providers

MDH Radiology is uniquely qualified to assist any provider through its “bridge the gap” philosophy. Providing advanced technology and a dedicated team of experts, we create a tailored model to complement and bring a full scope of services to your current women’s imaging portfolio.

MDH Radiology will customize a breast imaging and diagnostic program that best suits your present needs. From complementing your existing capabilities, incorporating new services, or expanding your practice from the ground up, we create a personalized model for each provider.

To demonstrate our partnership philosophy, we offer a 60-day trial period with no investment, additional staffing, or up-front costs required. To contact us for a free consultation and a tailored workflow assessment, click here.

The 10 point continuum of women’s breast imaging services can be useful for any breast imaging practice – regardless of its size or geographic location. Whether your goals are to implement a screening or diagnostic mammography program, expand your service offering, or grow your mammography business, we can assist.

We offer a full range of remote and on-site services including:

  • Screening and diagnostic mammography reads
  • Breast MRI reads with complimentary CAD
  • Consultations & second opinions
  • Real-time remote supervision of diagnostic studies
  • On-site breast biopsies including ultrasound, MRI, and stereotactic-guided procedures

Screening Solutions

MDH Radiology offers integrated state-of-the art software and hardware from market leaders to create its unparalleled technological platform, including tomosynthesis reading capabilities. Every screening report includes breast density assessment, a lifetime breast cancer risk assessment, pre-paid shipping, and returns of historical films as deemed necessary.

Advanced Diagnostic Solutions

MDH Radiology offers top quality, real-time, remote direct supervision of diagnostic studies as per ACR guidelines. Services provided include complimentary dedicated CAD for breast MRI reading and reporting. Additionally, verbal and written follow-up with referring physicians and surgeons is guaranteed for all patients with positive results.

Biopsy Solutions

MDH Radiology is the first radiology service to offer deployment of mobile biopsy equipment on-site, at your facility with no capital investment or additional staffing required. All biopsy medical supplies including titanium clips, vacuum assisted devices and disposable biopsy needles are provided.