Beyond Mammography – Defining the Standard of Care

We Are Pioneers

MDH Radiology is the first integrated solution in the market to offer the full continuum of care in breast cancer screening, diagnostic and biopsy services in an outsourced model.

As the first company to provide a comprehensive suite of both on-site and remote breast imaging services, our business model allows breast imaging providers the ability to grow their women’s health business with no upfront costs, capital outlay for equipment, supplies, or hiring of additional personnel.

For remote services, we offer screening mammography reads, real time direct supervision of diagnostics as per ACR guidelines, sub-specialty over-reads, and consultations/second opinions, all done on our state-of-the-art software platform by our board-certified Breast Radiologists.

For on-site services, we come to you with the trained personnel, supplies, and necessary equipment needed for all breast biopsies including ultrasound-guided, MRI-guided, and stereotactic-guided procedures.

We Are Innovators

Unique architecture using cutting-edge technology sets MDH Radiology apart.

MDH Radiology uses innovative IT systems developed by mammography market leaders to fit our unique multi-tiered delivery model. Through our strategic alliances, we are able to offer the most advanced imaging and screening tools available in the field today.

Relationships include integrated software for breast imaging PACS with tomosynthesis reading capabilities, breast density assessment (Volpara™), MRI CAD (Merge CADstream™), digital reporting and tracking (PenRad™), and remote workstations (Barco™). Additional alliances provide breast cushions (MammoPad®) and breast biopsy transportable services (United Medical Systems®).

We Are Partners

Our primary objective is to support and enhance your current breast imaging capabilities, never to compete with them.

MDH Radiology will customize a breast imaging and diagnostic program that best suits your current needs. From complementing your existing capabilities, incorporating new services, or expanding your practice from the ground up, we create a tailored model for each provider.

Partnering with MDH Radiology is a risk-free investment in a women’s health practice. We offer the flexibility and versatility to employ only those services you need – as often as you need them. We match the volume and capabilities of your practice allowing you to keep your patients in-house offering the full continuum of imaging and diagnostic procedures.

MDH Radiology deploys equipment, supplies and staff for biopsy procedures allowing providers to control their own billing and reimbursements. The exclusive buy-back program offers cash for used stereotactic equipment so a practice can maximize its precious capital, resources, and square footage on other services while leaving the biopsy details to us.

To demonstrate our partnership philosophy, we offer a 60-day trial period with MDH Radiology. There is no investment or up-front cost required. To contact us for a free consultation and tailored workflow assessment, click here.

We Are Leaders

Founder and President Dr. Monica Denisse Hurvitz, MD, MBA, has directed her focus on creating an innovative business model to bridge the access gap in breast imaging by founding MDH Radiology in 2012.

She is an international recognized radiologist, with over 21 years of experience in the radiology field, board-certified by the American College of Radiology; MQSA certified in Mammography with a specialization in Breast Imaging and Intervention.

Dr. Hurvitz received a global executive MBA degree in 2012, jointly granted by the NYU Stern School of Business, London School of Economics, and HEC in Paris, France.

We Are Humanitarians

MDH Radiology was founded on the premise that all women should have access to critical breast imaging services, regardless of their geographic location.

The shortage of qualified mammographers and the gap in access to critical screening and diagnostic services in many areas of the US, and globally, is unacceptable for women today – we can do better!

Dr Hurvitz is also an active advocate and educator for women’s breast health involved in not-for-profit breast imaging projects around the globe.