Mammography and Beyond – Unique Financial Benefits for Breast Imaging Providers

Partnering with MDH Radiology is a risk-free investment in a women’s health practice. We offer the flexibility and versatility to meet a provider’s needs ranging from a start-up, turnkey approach to simply adding new services in an already busy facility. To demonstrate our philosophy, we offer a 60-day trial period with no up-front costs or additional staffing required. To contact us for a free consultation and a tailored workflow assessment, click here.

Build your breast MRI program by providing your physicians state-of-the-art MRI CAD complete with 3D reconstructions, MIP’s, and vascular maps – always complimentary from MDH Radiology. Additionally, verbal and written follow-up with referring physicians and surgeons is guaranteed for all patients with positive results.

Become a Softer Mammogram Provider by offering MammoPad cushions to all your patients and enjoy the unique marketing benefits this program offers. Contact us for more details.

We match the volume and capabilities of your practice allowing you to keep your patients in-house while offering the full continuum of imaging and diagnostic procedures. MDH Radiology deploys equipment, supplies and staff for biopsy procedures allowing providers to control their own billing and reimbursements.

The exclusive buy-back program offers cash for used stereotactic equipment so a practice can maximize its precious capital, resources and square footage on other services while leaving the biopsy details to us.